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Actress Shiva Rose

Often the very things that once seemed endearing about your significant other are the same things that feel unbearable later. (Do they have to chew so loudly?) A similar feeling can happen with cities we fall in love with, too.  Case in point: L.A.

The zeitgeist is here now. The energy of possibility. It’s one of the cities where people come to make something out of nothing and where being a multi-hyphenate is de rigueur. It’s exhilarating. But that same sense of endless possibility can also be exhausting when seemingly each person you run into breathlessly rattles off five different projects they are working on –reality show/clothing line/script/blog/book–all before you’ve had a chance to say hello.

And then there is Shiva Rose, a multi-hyphenate in the most organic and refreshing of ways. The actress/writer/mother/curator and creator of The Local Rose, her holistic lifestyle Web site, has been quietly and elegantly reinventing herself post Hollywood separation and divorce and carving out a meaningful life for herself and two daughters.

Shiva RoseOn the Local Rose, the raven-haired Rose serves up a beautifully bohemian dose of everything from how to compost to her favorite farmers’ markets, beautiful aprons, jewelry, shawls, the latest French chanteuse and more, all while beckoning the reader in with thoughtful and personal commentaries that are disarmingly un-Hollywood. While her blog does feature plenty of snapshots of Rose–frolicking in verdant gardens, swinging a wicker basket, mixing away while in her new apron, delighting over found curios and objets–it manages never to feel like a gratuitous romp in the cult of me, me, me, but rather more like an invitation from an enchanted garden fairy eager for us to see the hidden delights and treasures in her world.

We asked Rose, who is also working on a book and show based on The Local Rose, to take us into her eco-chic, magical world a bit more and divulge her secret garden of delights–from clothes to beauty, edibles, accessories and more!

1. Roseark for incredible original jewelry by Kathy Azarmi Rose. Her nature-inspired pieces make my heart skip!
2. La Bella Figura. I’m launching a new perfume with them soon featuring all natural oil with rose and musk essence.
3. California Olive Ranch Olive OilCalifornia Olive Ranch Olive Oil makes everything taste better!
4. Big Sur Bakery for incredible foodBig Sur Bakery cookbook and ambiance in one of the most magical places in the country.
5. tata harper skincareTata Harper skincare. It is truly luxurious and divine. You can get a discount code on The Local Rose.
6. Heist clothing store [in Venice] for great Isabel Marant pieces and more.
7.axe restaurant venice Axe is my favorite restaurant, also in Venice.
8. vintage fashion expo santa monicaVintage Fashion Expo at Santa Monica Civic Center for unusual treasures.

Edible Gardens L.A.

Edible Gardens L.A.

Elastic Ruby for helping build a magnificent edible garden through Edible Gardens L.A.

10.  Vered Botanicals. These new favorite skin oils are vered body oilso nurturing and pure for the skin. I love their eye treatment oil and body oil.


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Author:Michelle Dalton Tyree

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