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K Chocolatier  For a chocolate company, there’s no greater compliment than a customer who gave up chocolate for nearly two decades because they couldn’t find anything as good. But K Chocolatier owner Diane Kron  said she had a customer who did just that after the company shuttered its NY shop in 1983. K Chocolatier eventually reopened in L.A. in 2000 (likely, much to the aforementioned customer’s relief), and has since reopened a Manhattan location and Malibu one as well.

Kron’s Los Angeles and New York shops garner an A-list clientele. And a few of diane kron of K Chocolatierher past clients weren’t too shabby either: Jackie Kennedy, Estee Lauder, Gregory Peck and Andy Warhol, to name a few. The fashion set, the art set and screen legends? Let’s just say great taste is timeless. Her late husband’s family passed down the recipes that have helped to make the chocolatier famous. (His great-great grandfather was the chocolatier to the Hungarian emperor and the family boasts being the creators of the chocolate-covered strawberry).

So this Valentine’s Day is particularly bittersweet for Kron, since she lost her husband last year. His sweet legacy lives on at the stores, however. Kron, who operates the locations with her sons, can most often be seen in her truffle-size Beverly Hills location, ministering to her devoted following, handing out samples of her famous confections to followers and new converts alike. And she always stuffs our bags and pockets full of extra little treats to take home whenever we pop into say hello.

We can’t confess that we would give up chocolate completely if we didn’t have her amazing truffles (forgive us, Diane), but we are very thankful that she is on both coasts! We conveniently plotted one of our runs here in NY for Fashion Week to go right by her 69th street store, off of Madison. (Who needs energy bars, when you can have chocolate instead!)

K Chocolatier's trufflesProduced daily in Beverly Hills, K Chocolatier’s treats are a year-round staple for the flashbulb set, but for Valentine’s Day the store really kicks it into high gear. She even created a line of aphrodisiac flavors in 2005, which gained attention all over the world. For last-minute shoppers and guys intimidated by the pressures of Cupid’s arrow, Kron says the store is “oriented to taking care of guys so they have a painless Valentine’s experience…they don’t even have to think too much – and we give samples of everything.”

Our best tip to the guys: Remembering your gal on Valentine’s Day is the best aphrodisiac in the world. And a little chocolate never hurts.

“I would never give a Valentine’s gift that wasn’t chocolate,” said Kron. “It’s a holiday of love and chocolate is good for the heart. It’s a proven fact. …Chocolate is love.”

Diane’s Delectable Top Ten Faves

We’ve sorted them into personality types, to make your choice even more painless!

Mover and Shaker K Chocolatier shaker

1. K Truffles: Cocoa dust meet dark chocolate. Dark chocolate meet rum. Meet our mouth! Kron said they were one of Jackie Kennedy’s personal favorites.

2. Film Reel Case filled with milk and dark chocolates for the Hollywood A-list type, or wannabee.

3. Famed K Chocolatier cocktail shaker filled with scotch high balls, vodka shots or tequila shots.

Kron says that after two you’ll need a designated driver, and trust us, they’re definitely intoxicating!

K Chocolatier's k bearsTotal Teddy Bear

4. K Bears: Little, crispy teddy bears of goodness covered in three varieties of chocolate. Grrrr..

The Little Munchkin

5. Ladybug Box for the free-spirited Valentine or your little munchkin

6. Mini Bouquet filled with a variety of chocolates for the girly girl or “mini me” in your life

Chic Chocolate

7. The Garden of Roses: The flowers won’t wilt on this 8-inch cube box covered with 16 red, white or pink roses. (You choose the color.) Filled with four packets of chocolates.

8. The Gift Crate: inspired by Louis Vuitton luggage and filled with two or four packages of chocolate. This is our version of packing light.

The Health Nut

9. K Pomegranate Chocolates: sweet and tart at the same time with triple antioxidants

10. Pecan Krisps: crushed toasted pecans dipped in dark chocolate

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Author:Michelle Dalton Tyree

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